Tensions defined. Peace will take 

  nothing short of magic.  

In a country divided by political strife and cultural diversity a medical magician penetrates deep seeded bias through sleight of hand and multi-lingual humor in an effort to rehabilitate children afflicted by disease and terror in the many pediatric hospitals of Israel.


MAGIC(S) is a subject driven, first person account of contemporary life amidst security and political tensions in Israel as Palestinian and Israeli parents along with various medical staffs together discuss the prowess of Magic Michael and his efforts during a time of increased political tension. They candidly praise his talents while passionately confess their true beliefs to what is going on outside various hospital walls. The "magic" is much more than Michael's extraordinary talents as an entertainer but, in truth, how a country with such personal and cultural diversity has come to survive over the last two thousand years. Ultimately, the real question in MAGIC(S) is: what extent will parents go to protect their children from not making the same mistakes that they have made, regardless of the consequences?


Narrated, in part, by his children and those who call this region of the Middle East home, Michael's practice is documented while he “magically” seduces all he meets with a wink, a wave of his magic wand and the love only an entertainer this unique can provide. Doctors, nurses, aids and administrators constantly praise the genius of his gifts and his relationships with their young patients. Palestinian parents gloat over Michael's abilities with the same enthusiasm as their Israeli counterparts. What he brings to each hospital is immeasurable as each administration savors his discovery as their own.


Just as remarkable is that during this time in Israel where the resident cultures actively participate in frequent deadly exchanges ALL the people welcome this religious Jew, a man whose traditional garb distinctly conveys his convictions, to their bedsides. Women in burkas are as anxious for Michael to treat their children as their religious Jewish equivalent.


There really is no trick behind Magic Michael's wizardry. Science has already proven that laughter is a very effective medicine. MAGIC(S) demonstrates that no matter the cultural differences, children really do smile the same way all over the world.

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Magic Michael

Impromptu performance in Southern Israel at the Jewish Eye Film Festival